About Kim


‘Use your powers for good’ is my favorite quote taken from Wonder Woman. Yup, a cartoon Female Super Hero. A small figure of her hangs on my keychain.  Every day I go out and use my powers for good.  I am a Professional Organizer (certainly not what I went to college for, LOL). It is a fancy term for helping people organize the STUFF in their lives, their surroundings, the thoughts in their minds and what’s on their calendar.  I absolutely love the psychology of what I do, because it’s never about the stuff, it is the emotional feelings or attachment to that STUFF.  People think I just go into homes and organize the stuff, when what I really do is organize the person and help them see what’s really important. I wear several hats in this role; therapist, cheerleader, hand-holder, problem-solver, quick thinker, thinker of outside-the-box, motivational and inspirational speaker, author, etc…


I help people prioritize and simplify to live a happy, productive and fulfilling life. (with less stuff) It’s what gets me up and out of bed in the morning!  My specialty (and passion) is helping the Chronically Disorganized/Hoarding situations. It is very rewarding helping people when they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.  Taking away some of the stress out of people’s lives and some of that weight off their shoulders is an amazing feeling.

There is no judging, truly I have seen it all.  Give yourself permission to let go and prepare to have fun and laugh. (A sense of humor is essential). Letting go of the ‘Stuff’ that holds you back is such a freeing experience. We will work as a team so you can live a happy, productive and fulfilling life!

Kim is always available for workshops, seminars, conferences, and other public speaking engagements. Contact Kim at (218) 213-8071 or email at northlandorganizing@gmail.com

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